Ebola Strike Force

Save humanity from Ebola!

Ebola Strike Force represents a new paradigm in mobile gaming, empowering users not only to experience thrilling gameplay, but also to learn about the Ebola virus in an interactive and immersive fashion. 


Ebola Strike Force tells the story of research scientists and doctors who discovered that they could develop the cure from a serum, which could only be extracted from patient X with the help of a nanobot.The player takes control of the nanobot and journeys through patient X’s body to extract the serum. The serum is then used to create a vaccine to cure infected people.  In the process the player unlocks health tips that can help them in maintaining good hygiene in real life.

– 3 Worlds and 30 engaging levels.
– Google Leaderboard to compete with friends.
– Unlock real life health tips that can help improve your hygiene.
– Great user interface and user experience with realistic arcade sounds.

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