Tear Rubber Racing

Race on the streets of Africa!

You think you are a pro? Come and prove your worth on the streets of Africa


Tear Rubber Racing follows an under-cover cop who has been sent on a mission to reveal the true identity of an under-ground criminal.

Buy cars, upgrade them till the engines bleed and tear up the streets until everyone eats your dust.

How far can you go with up to 200 racing challenges in the career mode and over 4 – 5 race modes to beat. Take down the bosses one by one to advance and unveil the ultimate under-ground racing boss. Do you have what it takes?

– 200 racing challenges with varying difficulty.

– 4 Africa cities and a bonus Duties race
– eSports feature with leader board that shows players street credibility and position alongside other players in the game.
– Great user interface and user experience with realistic arcade sounds.

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